impACT NOW Climate

impACT NOW Capital is launching a € 2M seed fund in Lisbon to back Portugal based climate action driven startups by leveraging our background in founding, advising and investing in 50+ impact companies delivering over 10x MOIC.
A fund managed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

“Ours can be the first generation to end poverty and the last generation to address climate change before it is too late.”

Ban-Ki Moon,

Former United Nations Secretary-General

Local-to-Global Opportunity


Strong business and living fundamentals
– Excellent infrastructure and services
– 25th Best Country for Business in 2019
– 5th Favourite Startup Hub by Founders
– High quality of life at competitive cost

Cost efficient talent
– Top business and technical schools
– 82% of founders with MSc or PhD
– Average engineer salary at $ 29k
– High foreign language speaking

Booming startup ecosystem
– Host of Web Summit
– 7 Unicorns valued at over $ 38B
– € 1.1B invested in 114 deals in 2021
– Over 30 incubators and 30 accelerators

Investment Thesis


Climate Action
SDG 13




Portugal Based
Global Scope


25% Leading
Direct Investments


75% Co-Investing
Top European VC Funds

Value Added

Mentoring + Business Development
Fundraising + Exit

Investment Criteria

01 People

Team with the proper mix of technical and management skills, coachable, ambitious and purpose-driven.

02 Finance

Consistent business model, potential to scale, current revenues and identified path to profitability.

03 Innovation

Execution of original ways to create value to the market and apply existing or new technologies.

04 Impact

Meaningful, measurable and attributable positive impact created towards mitigating the climate crisis.

“I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic, and act as if the house was on fire.”

Greta Thunberg,

Social and Environmental Activist

Join us in the fight for our future.


Travessa de São Pedro 8, 1200-432
Lisboa (Portugal)


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